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  • Full traceability and easy retrieval of slides
  • No risk associated with lost slides

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  • Developed to preserve sample integrity and quality
  • Safe and secure storage with constant monitoring of storage conditions and user access

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  • Increased productivity and optimum laboratory workflow
  • Reduce staff time and efforts required for archiving reducing the error-prone processes

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  • Modular, flexible and tailored solutions to cover different laboratories demands



  • Capture 3Full Traceability
    - Barcoded racks, cartridges, cassettes and storage location (1D, linear, Data matrix and QR codes)
    - Authorised users with personal smart device with SLTrack application (SmartARKIVE)
    - LIMS integration to create storage and retrieval request

  • Safety 
    - Optimal storage conditions for preservation of samples with constant humidity and temperature monitoring
    - Improved security of sample storage with controlled and restricted user access with electromagnetic locks
    - Physical protection of slides during transport & storage with dedicated cartridges and racks
    - Stored spaced to avoid contact and cross contamination between slides
    - Back-up battery to guarantee uninterrupted operation and data security in case of power failure

  • Time Saving
    - No slide sorting required
    - Easy and fast retrieval of slides
    - LIMS integration to for storage and retrieval requests
    - Lean retrieval for Lean process. Retrievals can be planned and scheduled
    - Visual and voice communication for fast and correct process

  • Modular & Scalable
    - 39,600 slides per storage unit 
    - ARKIVE SL can be expanded at any time for the installation of additionally units
    - Short, medium and long term storage units with different automation levels
    - Medium-long term storage module to fulfil all the lab needs, able to store up to 40.000 blocks



Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Power supply input:

Finder: 2 Volt DC, via an external 220-Volt AC power supply
Server and standard module cabinets: 220 Volt AC

Working temperature:

15°C to 25°C

Humidity (relative):


Maximum altitude:



Finder: 96 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm (WxDXH)
Server and standard module cabinets: 100 cm x 80 cm x 200 cm (WxDXH)

Total weight:

Finder: empty weight 30 kg, full load 32 kg
Server and standard module cabinets: empty weight 330 kg, full load 620 kg



Sound Pressure: 

The device emits noise below 80 dB


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