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  • Enhanced user safety without change in current process
  • Complete control over specimen fixation ensuring an improvement in the quality of diagnostic tests and therefore improving patient care
  • Full chain-of-custody and audit trail from the theatres to the laboratory (user, time and temperature of transport, start of fixation)
  • Automated and controlled formalin dispensing based on specimen weight in the closed unit with fume extraction
  • Save cost with reduction of fresh and used formalin (1:3 ratio) and improve environmental impact



  • Standardisation and Quality: Consistent injection of correct formalin volumes based on specimen weight will ensure optimised fixation and histological results
  • Safety: Full automation prevents exposure of laboratory personnel to formalin. The instrument is designed to pump formalin directly from commercially available containers (up to 20 litres)
  • Chain-of-custody by use of individual access levels, log in and barcodes
  • Reduced Formalin Exposure: Reduced volumes due to the minimised formalin/sample ratio. Lower disposal costs. Inbuilt charcoal and hepa filter.
UltraSAFE bucket


  • State of the art leak proof and tamper evident container technology
  • Custom containers designed to accommodate current pathology workflow
  • Laser engraved, unique container ID for full traceability
  • Available in four sizes, 1, 3, 5 and 10 litres
  • Unique waterproof sealing valve built-in to container lids for additional security
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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Power supply input:

220-240V~ 50Hz

Working temperature:

15°C – 30°C

Humidity (relative)

From 10% to 70% non-condensing

Maximum altitude:

Up to 2000m of the sea level


 73 cm x 100 cm x 191 cm (WxDxH)

Total weight:

 Empty: 260 kg, Full tanks 340 kg



Heat Generation

 1024 BTU/h max

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