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The JFC Solution is an innovative patented solution composed of a mixture of ethanol, isopropanol and a long-chain hydrocarbon. Under the influence of microwaves this solution becomes highly effective in the extraction of water and lipids from biological tissue, in a single step, without the need for further dehydration or clearing.

The miscibility of the three components allows dehydration and clearing to be performed in a single step, representing a significant advantage over the conventional processing method.

The action of the mixture can be explained by the polarity of the molecules. In general, for an optimal extraction, the polarity of the solvent should be similar to that of the impurity you want to remove. In histoprocessing such impurities are generally water and lipids.

Isopropanol, a polar molecule, contributes to dehydration and also improves the extraction of non polar fat. Ethanol, also a polar molecule, primarily serves to dehydrate. The action of both alcohols will be highly efficient under the stimulation of microwaves. The third component of the JFC Solution, an organic solvent, is chemically inert, and not polar. 

JFC is available in a 5L tank



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