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 Key product features

  • Fully automated processor and slide stainer for high quality frozen sectionspresto pro 800x800
  • High quality protocol in 2’20” for six slides and throughput of 190 slider per hour
  • Quality standardised staining results
  • Programmable protocols fit every tissue and/or pathologist’s requirement
  • Downloadable documentation is available for each run
  • FineFIX reagent for fixation, dehydration and clearing
  • Safe solution: Fume extration and Isopropanol can be used as xylene substitute
  • Continuous loading capability

To find out more about proprietary reagents, including FineFIX click here

Product Specifications

Product specifications

  • Improved quality: Improved morphology with high quality, consistent staining results independent of operator skill
  • Standardised staining: Each slide is first processed with FineFIX followed by fully automated staining protocols
  • Enhanced productivity: Improved workflow and productivity as the operator is able to carry out other tasks
  • Flexibility: Ability to set and modify protocols according to specific requirements and reagents
  • Fully documentable: USB port enables both updating of software and downloading of event logs for full documentation
  • High safety standards: Built in exhaust system for improved laboratory staff safety
  • Continuous loading: Increase throughput for high volume frozen section labs with double arm on the carousel

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Robotic arm for continous loading of batches of 6 slides
  • 10 staining stations
  • Fume extraction
  • Water inlet and outlet
  • 4,3” touchscreen terminal, 1 USB port
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Dimensions: height: 61.5 cm (with opened cover 86 cm) width: 44 cm depth: 52.5 cm




Product Enquiries

product enquiriesContact our product sales team today

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