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  • Intuitive icon-driven software
  • Workstation with built-in exhaust system
  • Minimal footprint
  • A productivity and quality assurance tool for the grossing room




leanstation 2
  • Ergonomic icon-driven 15” touch screen control terminal with user-friendly graphical interface
  • 16 megapixel high-resolution camera with 10 x autofocus
  • Stainless steel work platform with a downdraft exhaust for safe operations
  • Automatic saving of JPEG images in connection with case ID number function in multiple locations
  • Waterproof slide-out keyboard
  • A dedicated board standardises the documentation of specimen containers, cassettes, and specimens
  • Reduction of small biopsy turnaround times and rapid digital documentation of each workflow step (requisition form, label of the vial, ID of the cassette, number of biopsies, size of the biopsies)
  • Third-party software can be used to allow remote access

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Complete Unit:

Dimensions (L x D x H): 57cm x 67cm x 70cm
Weight: 30kg
Power supply: 100–240VAC~ 50/60Hz 150W
Altitude: 2000m
Working temperature: 15°C to 30°C
Relative humidity: 10% up to 80%  non-condensation



  • Camera with anti-splash case with built-in LED-illuminator
  • 10 x optical zoom digital camera with automatic exposure,  focus and white balancing
  • Up to 16 megapixels resolution


Control terminal with touch screen:

  • Built-in touch screen control terminal with OS Windows 7 Ultimate,15" 1024X768
  • MacroPATH BX proprietary license and software
  • Spill and dust resistant front panel IP 65
  • Processor Intel core 2 Duo CPU P8400,  RAM: 4GB, hard disk: 500GB



  • Heavy duty stainless steel
  • Downdraft stainless steel working area with built-in exhaust to central system
  • Wet area blue tray for vial and cassette
  • Magnetic tools holder
  • Exhaust tube:
  • Fan Air flow range: 3m exhaust tube 96 – 128 m3/h (without formalin filter kit)
  • Fan Air flow range: 2m exhaust tube + Formalin Filter kit + 3m exhaust tube: 78 – 109m3/h       


Waterproof IP68 keyboard:

  •  USB keyboard with Touchpad. Protection against water and dust (IP68)

Images MacroPATH pro x 20

2D USB barcode reader (includes holder)

Formalin filter kit (optional)