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Research Detection and Components

The micro-polymer technology provides superior sensitivity and minimum cross-reactivity to endogenous mouse and rat IgG. The product line includes specially formulated heat-retrieval solutions, blocking agents, and one- and two-step detection reagents.

  • High staining sensitivity and specificity
  • Minimum cross-reactivity to endogenous IgG with proprietary blocking reagents
  • Elimination of endogenous biotin
  • Reduced number of IHC steps
  • Use with formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues, floating sections, frozen sections and cell culture preparations
  • Highly effective ancillary reagents
  • Suitable for both manual and automated techniques

Animal tissues contain endogenous immunoglobulins that produce significantly high levels of background staining when standard anti-mouse/anti-rabbit detection systems are employed. Menarini provides micro-polymer detection systems for use with primary antibodies from various sources (mouse, rat, rabbit, goat) on a range of tissues (mouse, rat, canine, feline, bovine, equine, porcine, ovine) which result in reduced background staining and higher sensitivity.

Rodent Tissues

Rodent Tissues

Mouse primary antibodies

This novel detection technology allows for use of mouse primary antibodies on mouse and rat tissues.

Name  Product code 
Mouse-on-mouse HRP-polymer bundle  MP-510-MMK
Mouse-on-mouse HRP-polymer  MP-MMHRP
Mouse-on-mouse AP-polymer  MP-MM624
Mouse-on-rat HRP-polymer  MP-MRTHRP
Mouse-on-rate AP-polymer  MP-MRTAP
Rat detection kit for anti-mouse CD31  MP-517-RTK6

Rat primary antibodies

Use with rat monoclonal antibodies on mouse tissues. The Rat-on-Mouse HRP / AP micro-polymer detection is a two-step system. It is comprised of two reagents: a rat probe that binds to the rat primary antibody; and an HRP / AP micro-polymer that conjugates to the probe.

Name  Product code 
Rat-on-mouse HRP-polymer  MP-RTHRP
Rat detection kit for Anti-mouse CD31  MP-517-RTK6
Rat-on-mouse AP-polymer  MP-RTAP

Rabbit primary antibodies

Rabbit-on-Rodent detection is available as a micro-polymer only.

Name  Product code 
Rabbit-on-rodent HRP-polymer   MP-RMRHRP
Rabbit-on-rodent AP-polymer  MP-RMRAP

Goat-on-rodent primary antibodies

Use with goat primary antibodies on mouse, rat and human tissues. The goat detection is a two-step system.

Name  Product code 
Goat-on-rodent HRP-polymer  MP-GHRP
Goat-on-rodent AP-polymer  MP-GAP

Retrieval and blocking agents

Blocking and HIER reagents to enhance specificity and reduce/eliminate background.

Name  Product code 
Rat background blocker   MP-962
Mouse background blocker   MP-961
Rat super background blocker   MP-964
Mouse super background blocker  MP-963
Access rodent, x10   MP-913

Canine and Feline

Canine micro-polymer detection  

The Mouse-on-Canine and Rabbit-on-Canine detection polymers are specially designed for use on canine and feline tissues. With advanced polymer technology and a proprietary potent blocker, the detection polymers provide increased sensitivity, reduced IHC steps (no Avidin/Biotin block or Link/Probe), and virtually eliminate cross-reactivity to endogenous canine and feline IgG. These kits can be used with paraffin-embedded tissues, floating sections and frozen sections. Canine detection is suitable for both manual and automated systems such as the intelliPATH™.

Name  Product code 
Mouse-on-canine HRP-polymer   MP-541-MC
Mouse-on-canine AP-polymer  
Rabbit-on-canine HRP-polymer   MP-542-RC
Rabbit-on-canine AP-polymer   

Multiplex IHC

Mouse and rabbit-on-rodent double stain

This multiplex polymer detection is specifically designed for use on rat and mouse tissue. The 5-step procedure for detecting multiple antigens on a single slide can be done in approximately two hours using a simultaneous protocol. Staining time is reduced from 4-6 hours to approximately 2 hours by eliminating several steps: avidin-biotin blocking steps, elution step and sequential staining steps. The advanced micro-polymer technology provides simplified procedures, increased sensitivity and virtually eliminates background staining. Potent blockers such as mouse background blocker or rat background blocker eliminate endogenous mouse or rat IgG background for the most difficult of tissues including: lymph, spleen, lung, kidney and liver.

Name  Product code 
Rat and mouse double stain kit   MP-RDS513

Canine and feline tissues

Name  Product code 
Mouse-on-canine HRP-polymer   MP-541-MC
Mouse-on-canine AP-polymer   
Rabbit-on-canine HRP-polymer   MP-542-RC
Rabbit-on-canine AP-polymer  

Farma tissues

Name  Product code 
Mouse-on-farma HRP-polymer   
Mouse-on-farma AP-polymer   
Rabbit-on-farma HRP-polymer   
Rabbit-on-farma AP-polymer