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Antibody Diluents

The MenaPath range of optimised Antibody diluents consists of Universal Antibody Diluent (green), Sensitivity Enhancing Antibody Diluent A (blue), Sensitivity Enhancing Antibody Diluent B (yellow) and Sensitivity Enhancing Antibody Diluent C (red). These colour coded diluents  provide improved antibody titres and are extremely stable for long-term storage. Comparison with PBS-based and Tris-based diluents have shown in the majority of cases a 2 to 4 times improvement in titres. Greater dilution of primary antibodies provides higher specificity, thus potentially eliminating false positives.

  • Increase titres
  • Reduce background staining
  • Protease and IgG free
  • Ready to use

Universal Antibody Diluent

Universal Antibody Diluent (MP-900)

A pH 7.3 diluent with protein carrier and preservative. This is an excellent universal diluent.

Sensitivity Enhancing Diluent A

Sensitivity Enhancing Diluent A (MP-901)

This is a pH 7.9 diluent which also uses Assure Technology with pH indicator. As in the previous diluent, a change in pH results in a colour change. A change in diluent colour from pale blue to green or yellow indicates that optimal staining may be compromised.

Sensitivity Enhancing Diluent B

Sensitivity Enhancing Diluent B (MP-902)

Sensitivity Enhacing Diluent B is specifically formulated to enhance certain types of antibodies and may increase titres up to 2-4 times.

Sensitivity Enhancing Diluent C

Sensitivity Enhancing Diluent C (MP-904)

Formulated at pH 6.0, Sensitivity Enhancing Diluent C is specially designed to work with Tris-based antibodies, rinsing buffers and/or detection systems that use alkaline phosphatase.

Non Specific Staining Reducing Antibody Diluent

Non Specific Staining Reducing Antibody Diluent (MP-905)

This antibody diluent is specially formulated to reduce the occurrence of nonspecific background with antibodies used in IHC techniques: (e.g. Synaptophysin, PLAP, Kappa, and Lambda). There are added potent background-reducing agents to dramatically reduce any unwanted background staining.

HPV Diluent

HPV Diluent (MP-906)

Specially formulated for MenaPath's Broad Spectrum HPV primary antibody, this antibody diluent is optimised to reduce the occurrence of false negatives, high background or changes in staining performance, that are often observed with other types of diluents.