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VP Antibodies

Antibodies that are available as Ventana predilute and can be used onboard the Ventana system. For more information including instructions for use and material safety data sheets please contacts us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0118 944 4100.


VP Antibodies List

List of VP antibodies

Product Name Product Code   Old Code Old Name
MLH-1 CM220 ml  MP-220  MLH-1
MSH-6 CM265 265 1  MP-265  MSH6
Arginase -1 ACI3058A 3058  MP-3058  Arginase-1
CD3 (PS1) 6ml PM110AA 110 1  MP-110  CD3 T-Cell (M)
CDH17 (M) ACI3111A 31111  MP-3111  CDH17 (M)
CDX2 [BC39] ACI3184A 3184  MP-3184  CDX2 [BC39]
CDX2 0.1 ml CM226A cdx  MP-226  CDX2
CM421A CM421A 421  MP-421  ERG
Factor XIIIa 0.1ml CM357AK 357  MP-357  Factor XIIIA
GATA-3 + Uroplakin II API3173AA 3173  MP-3173  GATA-3 + Uroplakin II
MART-1 + Tyrosinase + SOX10 API3165AA 3216  MP-3216  Mart-1 + Tyrosinase + SOX10
Melanoma Cocktail 6ml PM078AA 12  MP-078  Melanoma Cocktail
MSH-2 0.1ml CM219AK msg  MP-219  MSH2
p40 (M) ACI3066A 3066  MP-3066  p40 (M)
P504S (P) 0.1ml CP200AK p  MP-200  P504S (P)
p63 0.1ml CM163A p63 163  MP-163  p63
Pan Cytokeratin [AE1/AE3] 0.1m CM011A

011 2

 MP-011  Pan Cytokeratin
Pan Cytokeratin [Lu-5] 1.0ml CM043C lw  MP-043  Pan Cytokeratin
Pan Melanoma 1.0ml CM165C hmbe  MP-165  HMB45 + Mart-1 + Tyrosinase
PAX8 (M) 0.1 ml ACI438A PAX8 renal biopsy  MP-438  PAX8 (M)
PIN Cocktail 25ml PPM201H 33  MP-201  p63 + P504S
PMS2 0.1ml CM344AK 344 1  MP-344  PMS2
SOX10 (M) ACI3099A

3099 1

 MP-3099  SOX10 (M)
TTF-1 0.1ml CM087A d  MP-087  TTF-1
Uroplakin II ACI3051A 3051  MP-3051  Uroplakin II




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