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Ready to Use Primary Antibodies

For further information on primary antibodies, including instructions for use or material safety data sheet please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0118 944 100 with the product code and name of the antibody.

Many of our ready to use primary antibodies are supplied in two sizes, 6ml and 25 ml.

Product Name Product code Source  Intended Use Old Product code Old product name
Adipophilin 6ml API3138AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-3138-PR6  Adipophilin
ALK [5A4] 6ml API3041AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3041-PM6  ALK [5A4]
Alpha-Fetoprotein (P) 6ml PP028AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD MP-028-PR6 Alpha-Fetoprotein  (P) 6ml
Amyloid A 6ml PM125AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-125-PM6  Amyloid A (mc1)
Amyloid P 6ml PP132AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-132-PR6  Amyloid P (Polyclonal)
Androgen Receptor AR441 6ml PM109AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-109-PM6  Androgen Receptor AR441
Arginase -1 6ml API3058AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3058-PRM6  Arginase -1
B72.3  6ml PM002AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-002-PM6  B72.3 (TAG)
BAP1 6ml API3247AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  N/A  
BCA-225 [Cu-18] 6ml API3241AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD N/A  
B-Catenin 6 ml PM406AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-406-PM6  ß-Catenin
Bcl-2 (100 D5)  6ml PM003AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-003-PM6  Bcl-2 (100 D5)
Bcl-6 [LN22] 6ml PM410AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-410-PM6  Bcl-6 [LN22]
Ber-EP4 + BG8 6ml API3112AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3112-PM6  Ber-EP4 + BG8
BerEP4 6.0ml PM107AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-107-PM6  BerEP4
BOB-1 6ml PM418AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-418-PM6  BOB-1
CA 125 6ml PM101AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-101-PM6  CA125
CA 19-9 6ml PM123AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-123-PM6  CA19-9
Calcitonin (Polyclonal)  PP072AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-072-PR6  Calcitonin (Polyclonal)
Calponin  PM172AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-172-PM6  Calponin
Calretinin (Polyclonal) 6ml PP092AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-092-PR6  Calretinin (Polyclonal)
Caspase-3 (Cleaved) 6ml PP229AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-229-PR6  Caspase-3 (Cleaved)
Cat Scratch Fever 6ml PM144AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-144-PM6  Cat Scratch Fever
CD10 (56C6)  6ml PM129AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-129-PM6  CD10 (56C6)
CD10 [UMAB236] 6ml API3212AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD     
CD103 (RM) 6ml APR3117AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3117-PRM6  CD103 (RM)
CD117/c-kit 6ml PME296AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-296-PME6  CD117 c-kit
CD11c (Leu-M5) 6ml API3122AA  Mouse Monoclonal  CE IVD MP-3122-PM6  CD11c (Leu-M5)
CD137 6ml API3201AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3201-PM6  CD137
CD138 6ml PM167AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD     
CD138 + Ki-67 6ml API3169DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3169-DS6  CD138 + Ki-67
CD138+CYCLIN D1 6ml API3193DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3193-DS6  CD138+CYCLIN D1
CD15 (MMA)  6ml PM029AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-029-PM6  CD15 (MMA)
CD15 Cocktail Reed Sternberg 6ml PM073AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-073-PM6  CD15 Cocktail Reed Sternberg
CD163 6ml PM353AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-353-PM6  CD163
CD19  6ml PM310AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-310-PM6  CD19
CD1a [O10] 6ml API3158AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3158-PM6  CD1a [O10]
CD20 B-Cell (L26)  6ml PM004AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-004-PM6  CD20 (L26)
CD21 6ml PM142AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-142-PM6  CD21
CD22 [BLCAM/1796] 6ml API3229AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-169-PM6  CD22 (FPC1)
CD23 (1B12) 6ml PM100AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-100-PM6  CD23 (1B12)
CD3 (P) 6ml PP215AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD MP-215-PR6  CD3 (P)
CD3 (PS1)6ml PM110AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-110-PM6  CD3 (PS1)
CD3 [BC33] 6ml API3170AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3170-PM6  CD3 [BC33]
CD3 [LN10] 6ml API3152AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3152-PM6  CD3 [LN10]
CD3  6ml PME324AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-324-PME6  CD3
CD30 (Ber-H2) 6ml PM031AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-031-PM6  CD30 (Ber-H2)
CD30 (Ki-1) 6ml PM346AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-346-PM6  CD30 (Ki-1)
CD30 Cocktail  6ml PM074AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-074-PM6  CD30 Cocktail
CD31 (PECAM-1) 6ml PM347AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-347-PM6  CD31
CD31 6ml PM131AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-131-PM6  CD31 (PECAM-1)
CD33 6ml API3116AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3116-PM6  CD33
CD34 (QBEnd-10)  6ml PM084AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-084-PM6  CD34 (QBEnd-10)
CD4 [4B12] 6ml API3148AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3148-PM6  CD4 [4B12]
CD4 + CD8 6ml API3157DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3157-DS6  CD4 + CD8
CD4 6ml PM153AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-153-PM6  CD4
CD4  [EP204]  6ml API3209AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD N/A  CD4
CD43 (DF-T1) 6ml PM005AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-005-PM6  CD43 (DF-T1)
CD44 6ml PM380AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-380-PM6  CD44
CD44 (HCAM) 6ml PM318AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-318-PM6  CD44
CD45 LCA Cocktail  6ml PM016AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-016-PM6  CD45 (LCA) Cocktail
CD45RO T-Cell (UCHL-1) 6ml PM006AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-006-PM6  CD45RO T-Cell (UCHL-1)
CD5 (4C7) 6ml PM099AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-099-PM6  CD5 (4C7)
CD56 6ml PM164AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-164-PM6  CD56
CD57 6ml PM007AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-007-PM6  CD57
CD68 [KP1]  PM033AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-033-PM6  CD68 (KP1)
CD7 (BC-272)  PM158AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-158-PM6  CD7 (BC-272)
CD71 6ml API3110AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3110-PM6  CD71
CD79a B-Cell (HM47-A9) 6ml PM067AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-067-PM6  CD79a B-Cell (HM47-A9)
CD8 [C8/144B] 6ml API3160AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3160-PM6  CD8 [C8/144B]
CD8 6ml PRM311AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-311-PRM6  CD8
CD8 6ml RTU [C8/1779R] API3219AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD N/A  
CD99  6ml PME392AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-392-PME6  CD99
CDH17(M) 6ml API3111AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3111-PM6  CDH17 (M)
CDX2 (M) + CDH17 (RM) API3135DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3135-DS6  CDX2 (M) + CDH17 (RM)
CDX2 (RM) 6ml API3144AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3144-PRM6  CDX2 (RM)
CDX2 [BC39] 6ml API3184AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3184-PM6  CDX2 [BC39]
CDX2 + CK7 6ml PM367DSAA  
Mouse Monoclonal, Rabbit Monoclonal
CE IVD MP-367-DS6 CDX2 + CK7 6ml
CDX2 6.0ml PM226AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-226-PM6  CDX2
CEA [Col-1]  6ml PM058AA  Mouse Monoclonal  CE IVD  MP-058-PM6  CEA (Col-1)
Chromogranin A Cocktail 6ml PM010AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-010-PM6  Chromogranin A (Cocktail)
Claudin-4 6ml API3121AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3121-PM6  Claudin-4
c-Myc 6ml PME415AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-415-PME6  c-Myc
Collagen IV 6ml PM112AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-112-PM6  Collagen IV
COX-2 6ml PRM306AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-306-PRM6  COX-2
CTLA-4 6ml API3211AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD N/A  
CTLA-4 (CAL49) 6ml API3220AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD N/A  
Cyclin D1 (EP12) 6ml PME432AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-432-PME6  Cyclin D1
Cyclin D1 (SP4) 6ml PRM307AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-307-PRM6  Cyclin D1 (R)
Cytokeratin 17 6ml PM176AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-176-PM6  Cytokeratin 17
Cytokeratin 18 (CK 18) 6ml API3061AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3061-PM6  Cytokeratin 18 (CK 18)
Cytokeratin 19  6ml PM242AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-242-PM6  Cytokeratin 19
Cytokeratin 20 (Ks 20.8) 6ml PM062AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-062-PM6  Cytokeratin 20 (Ks 20.8)
Cytokeratin 5 6ml PM234AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-234-PM6  Cytokeratin 5
Cytokeratin 5/14 6ml API3025AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3025-PM6  Cytokeratin 5/14
Cytokeratin 5-6 6ml PM105AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-105-PM6  Cytokeratin 5-6
Cytokeratin 7 (K72.7) 6ml PM061AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-061-PM6  Cytokeratin 7 (K72.7)
Cytokeratin 7 6ml PRM339AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-339-PRM6  Cytokeratin 7
Cytokeratin 8/18 (RM) 6ml API3161AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3161-PRM6  Cytokeratin 8/18 (RM)
Cytokeratin HMW + p63 + AMACR (RM) 6ml API3154DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3154-DS6  Cytokeratin HMW + p63 + AMACR (RM)
Cytokeratin LMW (AE1) 6ml PM081AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-081-PM6 Cytokeratin LMW (AE1) 6ml
Cytokeratin LMW [5D3] 6ml PM056AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-056-PM6  Cytokeratin LMW (5D3)
Cytokeratin  HMW 34Beta 6ml PM127AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-127-PM6  HMW Cytokeratin (34BE12)
D2-40 (Lymphatic Marker) 6ml PM266AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-266-PM6  D2-40 (Lymphatic Marker)
Desmin (D33)  PM036AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-036-PM6  Desmin (D33)
Desmogelin 3 & Napsin A 6ml PPM428DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-428-DS6  Desmogelin 3 & Napsin A
Desmoglein 3 6ml PM419AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-419-PM6  Desmoglein 3
Desmoglein 3 + CK5  6ml API3018AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD N/A  Desmoglein 3 + CK5
Desmoglein 3 + p40 (M) 6ml API3067AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3067-PM6  Desmoglein 3 + p40 (M)
Desmoglein 3 + p40 (M) + Napsin A (RM) 6ml API3132DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3132-DS6  Desmoglein 3 + p40 (M) + Napsin A (RM)
DOG1 6ml PM385AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-385-PM6  DOG1
E-Cadherin (mouse) 6ml PM170AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-170-PM6  E-Cadherin (HECD-1)
E-Cadherin (RM) 6ml API3012AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3012-PRM6  E-Cadherin (RM)
E-Cadherin [CDH1/2208R] 6ml API3230AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD     
EMA (Mc-5) 6ml PM143AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-143-PM6  EMA (Mc-5)
Epithelial Membrane Antigen (EMA) [E29] 6ml API3038AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3038-PM6  Epithelial Membrane Antigen (EMA) [E29]
ERG (9FY) 6ml PM421AA Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-421-PM6 ERG
ERG + C4d 6ml API3176DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3176-DS6  ERG + C4d
ERG + CK5 6ml API437DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-437-DS6  ERG + CK5
Factor VIII (polyclonal)  PP039AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD MP-039-PR6  Factor VIII (Polyclonal)
Factor XIIIa  PM357AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-357-PM6  Factor XIIIa
Folate Receptor alpha IHC Assay Kit 6ml BRI4006KAA   CE IVD MP-4006-PMK6 Folate Receptor alpha IHC Assay kit includes MP-600-X100
Follicle Stimulating Hormone 6ml PM411AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-411-PM6  Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
FOXP3 6ml API3164AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3164-PM6  FOXP3
FOXP3 (86D) 6ml API3197AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3197-PM6  FOXP3(86D)
Galectin-3 6ml API3174AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3174-PM6  Galectin-3
GATA-3 6ml PM405AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-405-PM6  GATA-3
GATA-3 + Uroplakin II 6ml API3173AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3173-PM6  GATA-3 + Uroplakin II
GCDFP-15 + Mammaglobin  6ml PM317DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-317-DS6  GCDFP-15 + Mammaglobin
GCDFP-15  6ml PM113AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-113-PM6  GCDFP-15
GFAP (Monoclonal) 6ml PM065AA  Mouse Monoclonal  CE IVD MP-065-PM6  GFAP (Monoclonal)
GFAP (Polyclonal) 6ml PP040AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD MP-040-PR6  GFAP (Polyclonal)
GITR [CAL8] 6ml API3221AA Rabbit monoclonal CE IVD N/A  
GLUT-1 6ml PM408AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-408-PM6  GLUT-1
Glutamine Synthetase  6ml API3009AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3009-PM6  Glutamine Synthetase
Glypican-3 6ml PM396AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-396-PM6  Glypican-3
Granzyme B 6ml API3202AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3202-PM6  Granzyme B
Helicobacter Pylori 6ml PM383AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-383-PM6  Helicobacter Pylori
HMB45 6ml PM057AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-057-PM6  HMB45
HMB45 + MART-1 + Tyrosinase (Pan Melanoma) 6ml PM165AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-165-PM6  Pan Melanoma Cocktail 3
HMW  CK & p63 Cocktail  6ml PM210AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-210-PM6  HMW & p63 CK Cocktail
HSA  6ml PM166AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-166-PM6  HSA
Human IgG 6ml API3185AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3185-PM6  Human IgG
IDO1 6ml API3210AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3210-PM6  IDO1
IgG4 (M) 6ml API3115AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3115-PM6  IgG4 (M)
IMP3 (RM)6ml API3180AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3180-PRM6  IMP3 (RM)
Inhibin alpha (BC R1) 6ml PM171AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-171-PM6  Inhibin (BC R1)
Kappa (M) + Lambda (P) 6ml API3159DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD MP-3159-DS6  Kappa (M) + Lambda (P)
Kappa Light Chain [L1C1] 6ml API3149AA  Mouse Monoclonal  CE IVD MP-3149-PM6  Kappa Light Chain [L1C1]
Ki-67 [MIB-1] 6ml API3156AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3156-PM6  Ki-67 [MIB-1]
Ki-67 + Caspase-3  Cocktail 6ml PPM240DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD MP-240-DS6  Ki-67 + Caspase-3 Double Stain
Ki-67 + pHH3 6ml API3198DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3198-DS6  Ki-67 + pHH3
Ki-67 6ml PRM325AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-325-PRM6  Ki-67
Ki67+CK7/CK8/18 6ml API3192DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3192-DS6  Ki67+CK7+CK8/18
L26 + CD3 Double Stain 6ml PM237DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal  CE IVD  MP-237-DS6  L26 + CD3 Double Stain
LAG3 [CAL26] 6ml API3213AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD     
Lambda Light Chain [N10/2] 6ml API3063AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3063-PM6  Lambda Light Chain [N10/2]
LCA coctail 6ml          
Mammaglobin (M) 6ml PM269AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-269-PM6  Mammaglobin (M)
Mart-1 Cocktail           
MART-1 + Tyrosinase + SOX10 6ml API3165AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3165-PM6  MART-1 + Tyrosinase + SOX10
MART-1+ Melan A Cocktail  6ml PM077AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-077-PM6  Mart-1-MelanA (Cocktail)
Mart-1+Tyrosinase+pHH3 6ml API3186DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3186-DS6  Mart-1+Tyrosinase+pHH3
MASH1 6ml API3131AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3131-PM6  MASH1
MCM2 + TOP2A 6ml API3181H  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3181-PM6  MCM2 + TOP2A
Melan A 6ml API3114AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3114-PM6  Melan A
Melanoma Cocktail 6ml PM078AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-078-PM6  Melanoma (Cocktail)
Mesothelin Mart-1 Cocktail 6ml API3175AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3175-PM6  Mesothelin
Microphthalmia Transcription Factor (MiTF) 6ml PM423AA  Mouse Monoclonal  CE IVD  MP-423-PM6  Microphthalmia Transcription Factor (MiTF)
MLH-1 [BC23] 6ml API3214AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3214-PM6 MLH-1 [BC23]
MOC-31 6ml PM403AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-403-PM6  MOC-31
MSH-2  6ml PM219AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-219-PM6  MSH-2
MSH6 [BC19] 6ml API3215AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3215-PM6 MSH6 [BC19]
MUC-1  6ml PM319AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-319-PM6  MUC-1
MUM-1 6ml PRM352AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-352-PRM6  MUM-1
Muscle Specific Actin 6ml PM079AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-079-PM6  Muscle Specific Actin (MSA)
Myeloperoxidase (Poly)  6ml PP023AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-023-PR6  Myeloperoxidase (Poly)
Myogenin  6ml PM115AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-115-PM6  Myogenin
Napsin A 6ml API3043AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3043-PRM6  Napsin A(RM)
Napsin A 6ml PM388AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-388-PM6  Napsin A
Napsin A 6ml PP434AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-434-PR6  Napsin A
Neurofilament (2F11) 6ml PM066AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-066-PM6  Neurofilament (2F11)
p120 & E-cadherin Breast Cocktail  6ml API3011DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3011-DS6  p120 & E-cadherin Double Stain (Multiplex)
p120 Catenin  6ml API3008AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3008-PM6  p120 Catenin
p16 INK4a [BC42] 6ml API3231AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD N/A p16 INK4a [BC42]
p16 INK4a [BC42] 25ml API3231H  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD N/A p16 INK4a [BC42]
p40 (M) 6ml API3066AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3066-PM6  p40 (M)
p40 (p)  6ml API3030AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-3030-PR6  p40 (P)
P504S (P) 6ml PP200AA  Rabbit Polyclonal ASR  MP-200-PR6  p504S Rabbit
p53 (DO7) 6ml PM042AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-042-PM6  p53 (DO7)
p53 6ml PME298AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-298-PME6  p53
p63 & CK5 Double Stain (Lung Squamous-2tm) 6ml PM391DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-391-DS6  p63 & CK5 Double Stain (Multiplex)
p63 + TRIM29 Cocktail (SqCC) 6ml PPM427DSAA Mouse Monoclonal, Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-427-DS6 p63 + TRIM29 Cocktail (SqCC)
p63  6ml PM163AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-163-PM6  p63
Pan Cyto (AE1-AE3-5D3) 6ml PM162AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-162-PM6  Pan Cyto (AE1-AE3-8/18)
Pan Cytokeratin (Lu-5) 6ml PM043AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-043-PM6  Pan Cytokeratin (Lu-5)
Pan Cytokeratin [AE1/AE3]  6ml PM011AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD MP-011-PM6  Cytokeratin (AE1-AE3)
Pan Lymphoma Cocktail (LCA+CD20+CD3+CD43) 6ml API3035AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3035-PM6  Pan Lymphoma Cocktail (LCA+CD20+CD3+CD43)
Pan Melanoma + Ki-67 6ml PM362DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-362-DS6  Pan Melanoma + Ki-67
Pan Melanoma 2  6ml PM178AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-178-PM6  Pan Melanoma 2
Pan Melanoma Double Stain 6ml PPM213DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-213-PDS6  Pan Melanoma Double Stain
PAX8 6ml PP379AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-379-PR6  PAX 8
PAX5 6ml PM207AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-207-PM6  PAX-5
PAX8 (M) 6ml API438AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-438-PM6  PAX8 (M)
PD-1 6ml API3137AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3137-PM6  PD-1
PD-1 (RM) 6ml API3162AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3162-PRM6  PD-1 (RM)
PD-L1 6ml API3171AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3171-PRM6  PD-L1
pHH3 (RM) 6ml API3130AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3130-PRM6  pHH3 (RM)
Phospho-EGFR 6ml PME300AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-300-PME6  Phospho-Egfr
Phospho-Histone H3 6ml PP404AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD MP-404-PR6  Phospho-Histone H3
PLAP  6ml PRM350AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-350-PRM6  PLAP
PMS2  6ml PM344AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD   MP-344-PMK6  PMS2
Prostate Specific Antigen 6ml PME390AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-390-PME6  Prostate Specific Antigen
Prostein 6ml API3163AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3163-PM6  Prostein
Prostein + PSA + NKX3.1 6ml API3166AA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-3166-PRM6  Prostein + PSA + NKX3.1
PTEN (Tumor Suppressor) 6ml PM278AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-278-PM6  PTEN (Tumor Suppressor)
ROS1 6ml  API3240AA Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD N/A  
ROR gamma T 6ml API3208AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3208-PM6  ROR gamma T (clone 6F3.1)
S100 (15E2E2) 6ml PM128AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-128-PM6  S100 (15E2E2)
S100 cocktail 6ml PM089AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-089-PM6  S100 (Cocktail)
S100P 6ml API3010AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-3010-PR6  S100P
SALL4 (M)  PM384AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-384-PM6  SALL4 (M)
SATB2 [EP281] 6ml API3225AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  N/A  
SMAD4 [EP618Y] 6ml API3242AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD N/A  
Smooth Muscle Actin 6ml PM001AA Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-001-PM6  Actin Smooth Muscle
Smooth Muscle Myosin Heavy Chain 6ml PM420AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-420-PM6  Smooth Muscle Myosin Heavy Chain
Smoothelin 6ml PM372AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-372-PM6  Smoothelin
SOX10 (M) 6ml API3099AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3099-PM6  SOX10 (M)
SOX11 (M) 6ml API3120AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3120-PM6  SOX11 (M)
SOX2 6ml API3109AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3109-PM6  SOX2
Surfactant Apoprotein-A 6ml PM275AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-275-PM6  PE-10 Surfactant Apoprotien-A
Synaptophysin 6ml PM371AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-371-PM6  Synaptophysin
TdT (Polyclonal) 6ml PP134AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-134-PR6  Tdt (polyclonal)
Thyroglobulin 6ml PM022AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-022-PM6  Thyroglobulin
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 6ml PM412AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-412-PM6  Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
TIA 6ml PM130AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-130-PM6  TIA-1
TIGIT  (BLR047F) 6ml API3243AA Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  N/A  
Topoisomerase II alpha 6ml API3045AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3045-PM6  Topoisomerase II alpha
Tumor Associated Glycoprotein  6ml PM002AA        
TRIM29 6ml PP416AA  Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-416-PR6  TRIM29
TTF-1 & CK5 Double Stain 6ml PM425DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-425-DS6  TTF-1 & CK5 Double Stain (Multiplex)
TTF-1 & Napsin A Double Stain (Lung Adeno- 2tm) 6ml PPM394DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Polyclonal CE IVD  MP-394-DS6  TTF-1 & Napsin A Double Stain (Multiplex)
TTF-1 [SPT24] 6ml API3126AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3126-PM6  TTF-1 [SPT24]
TTF-1 + Napsin A (RM) 6ml API3078DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD MP-3078-DS6  TTF-1 + Napsin A (RM) Double stain
TTF-1  6ml PM087AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-087-PM6  TTF-1
Tyrosinase 6ml PM155AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-155-PM6  Tyrosinase
Uro-2 CK20 + p53 6ml API3001DSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3001-DS6  URO-2 Double Stain
URO-3 Triple Stain w/CK20  6ml PM370TSAA  Mouse Monoclonal + Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-370-TS6  URO-3 Triple Stain w/CK20
Uroplakin II 6ml API3051AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3051-PM6  Uroplakin II
Uroplakin II + Uroplakin III 6ml API3094AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3094-PM6  Uroplakin II + Uroplakin III
Uroplakin III 6ml API3023AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-3023-PM6  Uroplakin III
Vimentin [V9] 6ml PM048AA  Mouse Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-048-PM6 Vimentin [V9] 6ml
Vimentin 6ml PRM312AA  Rabbit Monoclonal CE IVD  MP-312-PRM6 Vimentin 
WT1 [rWT1/857] 6ml API 3238 AA Mouse Monoclonal  CE IVD    


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