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Tissue Flotation Bath - TFB 45

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  • The tissue flotation bath TFB 45 provides a circular water bath with temperature regulation.
  • The bath well and edge are made of high quality aluminium with black coating. This special surface provides higher protection against localized corrosion as compared to an Eloxal coating.
  • The working temperature range of the tissue flotation bath extends from +30°C to +90°C with safety cut out mechanism to avoid overheating.
  • Available accessories include: Lid made of aluminium with black coating, protecting the water from dirt, thermometer 0-100°C and thermometer holder.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Dimensions overall:

300mm Ø, 90mm height

Dimensions bath well:

210mm Ø, 55mm height


+30°C to +90°C



Power supply:

115-230V / 50/60Hz / 200VA

Operator manual


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