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TST 44

  • High quality staining due to patented drip tray, enhanced reagent management system and agitation of racks
  • High capacity for routine stains
  • Maximum flexibility with up to 12 parallel operating staining programs
  • Large number of bath stations with very low reagent consumption
  • Continuous loading


TST 44 subsub


  • The large number of reagent stations in combination with a continuous, lean working principle provides a high throughput of up to 500 slides per hour and considerably reduces turn around time
  • Up to 12 baskets with 30 slides in each can be processed at the same time following identical or different staining protocols
  • There are four loading and four unloading stations ensuring fully automatic performance of the staining procedures and allowing the operator to walk away
  • The slide stainer can store up to 20 staining protocols with up to 40 program steps
  • The extraction system for solvent fumes is either by a large activated charcoal filter, the use of which is computer monitored or by connection to an external exhaust facility. This helps to protect the operators health
  • The water saving feature is a contribution to energy saving and environment protection

Patented drip tray

drip tray table 2 Liquid residues on the slides and the basket cannot contaminate the reagents as the small tray glides automatically under the basket as soon as it is lifted from the bath and before it is transported to the next station


Models Available

Models available

Product code



TST 44.000 standard model


TST 44.200 with drying chamber


TST 44.000 C with transfer station


TST 44.200 C with drying chamber and transfer station


TST 44.000 CK with modification kit for transfer station


TST 44.200 CK with drying chamber and modification kit for transfer station


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Max. number of staining protocols:

20 / 12 parallel operating programs

Max. number of programme steps:


Each step adjustable:

Any station, time (from 1 sec. to 59 min.)

Drop collection:

adjustable drain time combined with a patented drip collection technology avoids carryover of solvents.

Drain time:

0 to 9 sec.


Can be connected to ACS 720 for a combination stainer and coverslipper.  Hangers are available for other racks ensuring the system is compatible to other coverslipping machines on the market.

Number of stations:



4 loading stations

4 unloading stations

6 water stations for running water

30 staining stations for agitation


4 loading stations

4 unloading stations

2 drying stations (temperature adjustable from +40°C to +90°C)

Contents of solvent containers:

360ml can be reduced to 260ml with inserts


1210 x 670 x 640mm



Power supply:

230V / 50Hz / 100VA

 Operator manual

Product Enquiries

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