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TCA 44-720

  • Full walk-away lab automation from slide drying to coverslipped slides
  • Maximum flexibility with up to 12 parallel running staining programs
  • Maximum speed with 3 coverslipping procedures operating in parallel
  • Continuous random access
  • Patented drip tray together for improved quality


ACS44 720 sub


  • The modular design allows the stainer and coverslipper to be purchased separately if you are on a tight budget as the coverslipper is attached directly to the stainer
  • The combination system has a throughput of approximately 500 slides per hour
  • The innovative slide processing technology inside the unit will return the slides inside the original staining basket and in the correct order, making identification of specially stained batches easy

Models Available

Models available

Product code



TST 44.000 C Slide stainer with transfer station to coverslipper


TST 44.200 C Slide stainer with drying chamber and transfer station to coverslipper


TST 44.000 CK Slide stainer with modification kit for transfer station to coverslipper


TST 44.200 CK Slide stainer with drying chamber and modification kit for transfer station to coverslipper


ACS 720 Coverslipper


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Process speed:

6 to 11 sec. per slide

Dispensing volume:

30 - 150µl

Mountant container:

500ml bottle of mounting medium

Slide size:

26 x 76mm

Slide thickness:

0.9 to 1.2mm

Slide loading capacity:

150 pieces., continuous

Coverglass Size - Standard:

24 x 50, 55, 60mm

Coverglass thickness:

0.12 to 0.17mm

Coverglass loading capacity:

300 pieces approx.

Dimensions (W/D/H):

630 x 670 x 640mm



Power supply:

100-240V / 50/60Hz / 400VA

Technical data - Combination system:

Dimensions (W/D/H):

1840 x 670 x 640mm

Power supply:

100-240V /50/60Hz/ 500CVA


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