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Meditome A550

  • High stability and precision instrument
  • Manual or automatic modes
  • Powerful cutting motor drive with safety function
  • Cutting speed from 0 to 400 mm/sec.
  • Large section thickness range from 1 to 500µm




  • The fully automatic Meditome A550 provides utmost reliability, user benefit and outstanding operator comfort
  • A universal multipurpose microtome for sectioning paraffin as well as for hard sectioning techniques in biology, medicine and industry
  • There is an adjustable cutting window that can be changed according to the specimen size, while the pre-selected speed is only applied within the cutting window. This enables the user to section delicate specimens precisely in a short period of time
  • Memory positioning allows the fast movement to a stored cutting position by pushing one button only
  • Supplied with waste tray, universal specimen clamp and disposable blade carrier for low profile or high profile blades

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Section thickness setting range:

0.25µm to 50µm

Setting values:

From 0.25µm to 5.0µm in 0.25µm steps
From 5.0µm to 10.0µm in 0.5µm steps
From 10µm to 50µm in 1µm steps

Trimming section thickness range:

1µm to 500µm 

Setting values:

From 1µm to 20µm in 1µm steps
From 20µm to 100µm in 5µm steps
From 100µm to 500µm in 10µm steps

Sectioning speed range:

From 0 to 400mm/s

Horizontal specimen feed:


Vertical specimen stroke:


5 Sectioning modes:

Manual mode
Continuous mode
Single mode
Step stroke
Permanent mode

Dimensions incl. tray (L/T/H):

550 x 400 x 300mm


Approx. 38kg

Power supply:

100-240V / 50/60Hz

 Operator manual 


  • Tracking and Archiving Management ™

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