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Menarini offer an extensive range of high quality, precision histopathology instruments that will exceed your requirements. From the transformative patient centred processingTM solutions to slide preparation systems, our innovative technology will allow you to provide timely and accurate results to your patient and improve specimen handling and laboratory workflow.

Onboard Embedding

Have you heard of onboard embedding? It is a revolutionary patented method to embed specimens onboard your tissue processor, as part of the processing protocols using the dedicated Synergy rack and consumables.  This saves time and improves laboratory workflow as well as improving patient safety.

Patient Centred Processing ™

Proper fixation and tissue processing are paramount to good quality tissue sections for accurate diagnosis. Block preparation systems from Menarini include rapid decalcification, rapid tissue processing and on-board embedding solutions to increase laboratory throughput and provide a fast turnaround time of results to patients.

Slide Preparation Systems ™

Menarini offers a range of slide preparation systems to help you deliver quality stained slides to pathologists and accurate results to your patients.  Our range of microtomes, stainers, coverslippers and combination systems can be adapted to suit your individual requirements and ensure optimal workflow.



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