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Automatic Cleaning System for Wax Contaminated Tools and Racks
  • No more manual cleaning of wax contaminated items such as moulds, forceps and racks
  • A simple and automatic process where all the operator has to do is press "START" and 7 minutes later the dewaxing is ready
  • Reagent- the ready to use, non carcinogenic and eco friendly xylene substitute MileGREEN



  • Safety- The reagent MileGREEN consists of isoparaffins instead of xylene. It is an odourless, noncarcinogenic solvent and it is also eco-friendly
  • Productivity- The operator only has to press 'START' and the cleaning process begins. An acoustic signal marks the end of the cycle. The whole dewaxing cycle only takes 7 minutes. MileGREEN is constantly stirred and kept at a constant temperature tohistosmate 2 assure rapid and efficient elimination of wax traces. You can run 20 cycles before the reagent needs changing. This improves tissue processor productivity as there is no need to use the processor for cleaning
  • Flexibility- HistosMATE can clean any wax contaminated laboratory tools, and any tissue processor racks
  • Ease of use- Enhanced intuitive 4.3" colour touch screen terminal
  • Traceability- Instrument log files can be easily saved on an USB drive


Downloads Available

HistosMATE Brochure

HistosMATE Operating Manual

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Power supply input:

Single phase 220-240V~ 50/60Hz, Power Input 450W – 1536 BTU/h Max

Stand-by power 70W

Working temperature:


Humidity (relative)

From 10% to 80%

Maximum altitude:



30cm x 46.5cm x 51.5cm (WxHxD)

Total weight:

35 kg



Sound pressure:

Below 65dB

System of residual gas expulsion:


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