TPC 15 Duo/Trio

  • Parallel processing of two (TPC 15 Duo) or three (TPC 15 Trio) different programs
  • Rapid biopsy processing
  • Up to 660 cassettes capacity




  • Multi-protocol parallel processing instrument capable of processing two (TPC 15 Duo) or three (TPC 15 Trio) different runs simultaneously and independently
  • Processing of biopsies in less than 90 minutes provides rapid results
  • Reduced reagent consumption by moving the specimen instead of the fluid, this powerful instrument uses up to 30% less reagent than commercial fluid transfer processors
  • Stainless steel surfaces ensures the Menarini tissue processor is compatible with all reagents commonly used thus leaving the choice to the user
  • A capacity of 660 specimen cassettes (TPC 15 Trio) allows for a high throughput
  • To protect the user and environment, the instrument is closed by a stainless steel lid
  • The TPC15 includes an extraction system for solvent fumes either by a large activated charcoal filter, the use of which is computer monitored or by connection to an external exhaust facility
  • The instrument is equipped with heaters and stirrers which are controlled to provide optimum energy saving and improved quality

Models Available

Models available

Product code


04-1540-01 TPC 15 Duo 15.400
04-1560-01 TPC 15 Duo 15.600, with solvent pump
04-1580-00 TPC 15 Trio 15.800
04-1585-00 TPC 15 Trio 15.850, with solvent pump


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


TPC 15 Duo: 2 x approx. 22- cassettes

TPC 15 Trio: 3 x approx. 220 cassettes

Bath contents:

approx. 2.3 litres


Immersion time can be chosen


Parameters are adjustable for every station

18 processing programs can be stored (15 + 3 basket cleaning programs)

Immersion time:

5 minutes up to 10 hours


+30°C to +70°C Paraffin

+30°C to +50°C Reagents


Free choice during the program run


Free choice during the program run


Emergency power supply in case of power failure

Fume extraction with charcoal filter for the adsorption of solvent fumes OR

Fume extraction by connection to an exhuast facility

Each station closed by a lid

Size (W/D/H):

1290 x 715 x 730mm



Power supply:

115-230V/ 50/60Hz / 950VA

Operator manual TPC 15 Duo Part 1

Operator manual TPC 15 Duo Part 2

Operator manual TPC 15 Trio

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