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  • Ultra rapid, high throughput lean tissue processor for same day diagnosis
  • Fastest processor on the market
  • No downtime for daily maintenance
  • Real-time reagent quality monitoring ensures best specimen integrity and reduces costs
  • Enhanced specimen quality with optimised xylene and xylene-free protocols for all specimen types and sizes
  • Xylene-free processing and reduced reagent use improve environmental impact



  • Lean - Engineered for reduced specimen turnaround time and operating costs. 600 Cassettes can be processed at full capacity with dual run. Up to 5-7 runs per shift for small biopsies
  • Flexible - Optimises any workflow
  • Reliable - Delivers the utmost reliability and uptime
  • Continuous Operation - No downtime even for daily maintenance
  • Safety -Xylene free/formalin free processing, fume extraction
  • Optional onboard embedding with Synergy to future proof your lab
  • Automated - Allows for auto embedding and fully automated continuous throughput (dual run), with an auto-filled wax retort
  • Reduced cost- smart reagent management, reagent quality sensor,  xylene free processing with faster runs and automatic wax cleaning
  • Colour coded status alerts


 Protocol Times

Specimen thickness

Full batch processing time*

Batch loading every

Small biopsies**

39 min

27 min

1 mm

1h 33min

1h 13min

3 mm

2h 41 min

1h 48 min

5 mm

4h 43 min

2h 42 min

* All times exclude fixation. Batch up to 210 cassettes with 5 litres reagent containers
**i.e. small biopsies like GI/endoscopic, only 70 cassette run



Downloads Available

MAGNUS Brochure

MAGNUS Operating Manual



Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Power supply input:

220-240V~ 50Hz

Working temperature:


Humidity (relative)

Up to 80%

Maximum altitude:



Without shelf: 1.275m X 1.85m X 2m (WxDxH )
With shelf: 1.525m X 1.85m X 2m (WxDxH )

Total weight:

Empty weight: 295kg, full loaded weight: 394kg



Sound pressure:

67dB MAX

Fan air flow rate:


Product Enquiries

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