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HistoDream EW

Embedding Workstation with biospecimen traceability

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    • Compact, modular embedding workstation for safe and ergonomical working
    • Ready for urgent operation- reservoir & conduits always heated
    • Programmable daily heating hours including non working holidays
    • Two built-in paraffin wax trimmers
    • Compatible with 1 mm, 2mm and 4mm heated tweezers
    • Programmable temperature (heating, cooling)
    • Standard tissue processor rack compatibility
    • Unique biospecimen traceability functionality (touch screen tablet with barcode reader)
    • Adjustable paraffin flow, cold spot feature and built in LED lamp
    • Optional magnifier for small specimens
    • Space for up to 300 standard cassettes and up to 400 moulds
    • Cold module space for 60 standard or 45 Synergy moulds




Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

HistoDream CM, Cold embedding module

      • Space for up to 60 cassettes/moulds
      • Selectable temperature between 0 and -12⁰C
      • Right or left side dispensing console
      • Standalone unit


HistoDream DM, dispensing module

      • 5 litre paraffin reservoir
      • Cold spot temperature 5⁰C
      • Adjustable paraffin flow and dispensing with either touch plate or footswitch
      • 8 heated holes for forceps wells
      • Two build in paraffin trimmers
      • Integrated connectors for electrically heated tweezers
      • Adjustable temperature range:
      • Paraffin reservoir 40-70⁰C
      • Heated area/forceps wells 40-70⁰C
      • Electrically heated tweezers 60-75⁰C


HistoDream TM, thermal module

  • Compatible with standard tissue processor baskets
  • Two removable trays for two baskets or 3 baskets (200-300 cassettes)
  • Mould storage up to 300 moulds
  • Adjustable temperature range:
  • Cassette storage 40-70⁰C
  • Mould storage 40-70⁰C


HistoDream TS tracking System

  •  Display: 12” widescreen, resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel
  •  PC: IntelCore i3-8109U 8th generation, solid state SSD 128 GB, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro Multilanguage

Power supply input:

HistoDream CM, Cold embedding module:  2A, 230V~ 50/60Hz

HistoDream DM, Dispensing module: 2.65A with HistoDream TM, Thermal module 4.40A 230V~ 50/60Hz

Working temperature:


Humidity (relative)

Up to 80%

Maximum altitude:



1.02 m X 0.64 m X 0.41 m (WxDxH )

Total weight:

Total 61 kg

HistoDream CM, Cold embedding module 24.5 kg

HistoDream DM, Dispensing module 20.5 kg

HistoDream TM, Thermal module 16.0 kg



Sound pressure

HistoDream CM, Cold embedding module <45dB (A) measure at a distance of 1m from the unit

HistoDream DM, Dispensing module <45dB (A) measure at a distance of 1m from the unit

Product Enquiries

product enquiriesContact our product sales team today

For more information or to request a demonstration please contact us today by calling 0118 944 4100 or emailing us on

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