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TES 99

  • Modular system that facilitates ergonomical working
  • Variety of combinations with different cooling units
  • Option to include heated forceps
  • Heat protective hand rest that provides comfortable embedding


TES99 product spec


  • Select from three models, each including one dispenser unit, one of three different cool units and one thermal unit depending upon laboratories requirements
  • The system allows a large throughput of blocks due to the high capacity (>100 blocks) of the large cooling unit
  • The lamp assures an optimum illumination of the work area. An optional magnifying lens is simply clicked onto it
  • The different temperatures are independently adjustable and visible by digital control
  • The dispenser unit is equipped with a programmable timer and includes two connections for heated forceps together with heated wells for standard forceps
  • The paraffin flow is adjustable and operated by hand or foot switch

Modules Available

Modules available

Product name

Product image

Dispenser unit TES 99.250

NB Magnifier and heated forceps are not included

Thermal unit TES 99.600
Cooling Unit TES 99.410
Cooling Unit TES 99.420
Cooling Unit TES 99.430


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Dispenser unit TES 99.250  

Capacity of paraffin tank:

3.5 litres

Total dimensions (W/D/H):

360 x 570 x 300mm

Dimensions working plate )W/H)

360 x 245mm


+30°C to + 70°C

Cold spot:

-5°C, 40mmØ

Connections for 2 eCeps forceps


Heating for 6 forceps




Power supply:

115-230V /50/60Hz / 350VA


Magnifier, 4 diopters


Heated eCep forceps with direct connection to the dispenser unit


Thermal unit TES 99.600  

Total dimensions (W/D/H):

360 x 570 x 300mm

Dimensions warming chamber (W/H):

305 x 205mm

Dimensions warming tray (W/H):

295 x 235mm

Temperature warming chamber:

+30°C to +70°C

Temperature warming tray:

+30°C to +75°C



Power supply:

115-230V /50/60Hz /750VA


Single cool units


Total dimensions (W/D/H)

Dimensions cold plate (W/D)



Power supply

TES 99.410 360 x 570 x 300mm 360 x 260mm +15 C to -10 C 20kg 115-230V /50/60Hz / 750VA
TES 99.420 360 x 570 x 300mm 360 x 260mm +15 C to -10 C 20kg 115-230V /50/60Hz / 750VA
TES 99.430 360 x 570 x 300mm 210 x 260mm +15 C to -10 C 20kg 115-230V /50/60Hz / 750VA

 Operator manual 99.2

Operator manual 99.4

Operator manual 99.6

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