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UltraSAFE Webinar - 9th September at 1pm


  • Safety without any change in current process with buckets for histological samples
  • Barcoded, tamper evident, leak proof and stackable buckets with specially designed one way valve system
  • No exposure to formalin fumes with inbuilt extensive safety features such as lid sensor, leak sensors and UV lamp for disinfection of microorganisms
  • Vented, locked chamber with negative pressure preventing leaking of any formalin fumes
  • Standardisation and control of fixation with dispensing of formalin based on sample weight
  • Full traceability of the process with barcode reader and inbuilt label printer for tracking of the process and operator



Find out how UltraSAFE can help you to achieve zero formalin exposure in line with COSHH regulations without having to change away from your current processes involving bucket use. We are holding a webinar on the 9th September at 1pm. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may have and find out how UltraSAFE can fit into your workflow. 


To view your invitation click here or to go straight to register click here. We hope to see you there!


First time attending a webinar? Read our quick guide.

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