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Innovations in Cellular Pathology Symposiums

We organised the first two in a series of Innovations in Cellular Pathology Symposiums on 12th and 13th June in London and Manchester. The symposiums attracted a good amount of attendees mainly from histopathology departments both in London and Manchester. This years agenda focused on patient centred processing solutions, standardisation and achieving a lean laboratory workflow.

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The seminar focused on the latest technologies and processes developed for lean laboratory management and patient centred processing. User experiences about the LOGOS hybrid tissue processor and Synergy onboard embedding solution were presented during the meeting. The innovative vacuum sealing and formalin dispensing solutions TissueSAFE/SealSAFE for safe, standardised and traceable management of surgical specimens were also presented at the meeting. 

Other instruments showcased were the FlashFREEZE snap freezer for biobanking and the MacroPATH pro-x digital imaging solution for grossing.

They day finished with hands-on and demonstrations of the equipment which always is a highlight of our seminars. Thank you to our guest speakers for giving great and informative presentations and thank you to everyone who attended.

We will be holding the next Innovations in Cellular Pathology symposiums later this year.


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