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Webinar about formalin free handling of surgical specimens from operating theatres to histopathology laboratories

Menarini Diagnostics are pleased to invite you to attend a webinar about formalin free surgical specimen handling from operating theatres to histopathology laboratories on the 10th May. 

The webinar will provide a comprehensive description on the validation procedure, which allows samples to be transported from operating theatres to pathology laboratories in safer and more economical manner. 

During the webinar you will learn how to preserve tissues more effectively and ready your process for molecular pathology. Our methods allows for a safer working environment in both the operating theatres and in histopathology by working in a formalin/ fixative free manner. By doing so you can monitor the ischaemic time and control/start the tissue fixation step following the pathology lab directions. This is of paramount importance for the sake of reliable IHC and effective molecular tests as well as for tissue banking.

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The presenters are:
Gianluca Micheletti: Milestone Area Manager for Europe and Asia, with a histology & research laboratory background.
Federica Rubini: Key account specialist at Milestone, with worldwide experience assisting laboratories in setting up a formalin-free chain of custody. 

Please note you will need to register in advance to attend this event, there are two times to choose between 8 AM or 3 PM. The link for each session is below:

8 AM

3 PM


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