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An Innovative Centre for Macro Digital Documentation of Small Biopsies

Key product features

workstation main
    • Dramatically reduces specimen turn-around time at the cut up station
    • A user-oriented capture and storage system for digital macro images of small biopsies
    • MacroPATH QX macro digital system with image, annotation and video capabilities

Product Specifications

Product specifications

  • Optimal working position with motorised up & down table height
  • Down and back draft ventilations with frontal protection shield
  • Fully equipped All-in-one system with Digital imaging system integrated. On wheels for the ease of unit positioning. Plug & Play unit
  • Cases’ full documentation, with compatibility with any existing LIMS/PACS. Case ID superimposed on any picture taken
  • Teaching and Second opinion ready system. The integrated MacroPATH serves for legal evidences and its high resolution images are available at any time for publication or digital presentation

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Power supply input:

230V - 50Hz 

Dimensions (WxHxD):

127cm x 150cm x 85cm

Min/Max table height:

 Minimum: 90cm Maximum: 120cm



Water connection:

3/8” - max 5bar Approx 20lt./min

Exhaust conection:

450 m3/h (15.892 cfh)


Downloads Available

 WorkSTATION Brochure

 WorkSTATION Operator manual





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