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On-Board Embedding Now Available on Your Tissue Processor Patient Centred Processing TM

Have you heard about Synergy? It’s a revolutionary patented method to embed tissues on-board your tissue processor, as part of the processing protocols. Menarini’s Pathos Delta and Logos Hybrid Tissue Processors can both be used with the dedicated Synergy rack and consumables to achieve on-board embedding. A variety of tissue types and dimensions can be processed and embedded with this method.

Benefits of on-board embedding include:
• Improves patient safety and reduces risk of specimen loss due to reduced specimen handling
• Improves laboratory workflow and TAT as specimens go straight from the processor to the cold plate
• Small biopsy specimens can be received already in cassettes further reducing specimen handling – from patient to the cold plate
• Fewer instruments required, reduced system cleaning, maintenance & associated costs as processing and embedding takes place on a single instrument
• Fits in with current practice as no changes in dissection are required
• Quality results are visible as tissue positioning is maintained
• Standardisation of the amount of paraffin in each block

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