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“All cancer patients should have their DNA tested to save lives”, Chief Medical Officer says

The report from England's chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies details the ambition of NHS England to routinely provide genetic testing for cancer patients within the next five years. Professor Sally Davies wants whole genome sequencing to become as standard as blood tests and biopsies. In about two-thirds of cases, this type of information can improve the diagnosis and allows doctors to tailor treatment to the individual, ensuring patients receive the most effective drugs. At the moment more than 31,000 NHS patients have had their entire genetic code sequenced since 2013. At present there are 25 regional laboratories performing this type of genetic testing.

The drive to make genetic testing available for all cancer patients increases the need for fresh, unfixed material to be available. It is anticipated that there will be a change in tissue specimen collection in the coming years to ensure the availability of viable tissues. Now is a good time to begin planning for this change.

Surgical Specimen Management is the latest approach from Menarini that ensures that all patient samples are managed optimally. Surgical Specimen Management ensures samples are received in the laboratory fresh and uncompromised allowing you to perform genetic and molecular testing on all samples.

  • TissueSAFE vacuum seals specimens in bags and minimises the use of formalin in theatres.
  • Fresh vacuum-sealed specimens available for DNA/RNA/genetic analysis.

If you are considering a services reconfiguration to suit the requirements for genetic analysis, please contact us. We can help you to prepare now for changes in the future.

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