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Affordable Digital Imaging Solutions


MacroPATH pro-x

The MacroPATH macro digital imaging system is the UK market leader.  With over 150 Macropath instruments installed in the UK alone you can be sure that you are investing in a tried and tested product.  The success of this product range has been largely down to its innovative, reliable and easy to use software that has been developed with pathology and the pathologist in mind.  It is possible to quickly capture, annotate and store high quality images of gross specimens for diagnostic support, scientific publications, teaching purposes and research documentation.



To complement the MacroPATH pro-x is the LeanSTATION Bx for biopsy imaging.  It is a tabletop workstation with fume extraction and macro digital imaging system in a single unit.  This is an innovative, productivity enhancing and quality assurance tool that will reduce small biopsy turnaround time and enable rapid digital documentation of each workflow step.



The MacroVIEW DM adds to our digital imaging portfolio to dramatically enhance the standardisation and documentation of procedures in the mortuary.  It is possible to capture images of whole bodies, body parts, and large organ systems.  Adding visual or audio annotations to the images and recording videos helps to create a more descriptive record of the autopsy, necropsy, or forensic case.

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