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Menarini's Seminar Series: Surgical Specimen Management

Menarini has completed its first 2017 Surgical Specimen Symposium seminar at the Regent Conference and events centre in London on Thursday 2nd February.

The seminar focused on the latest technologies and processes developed to minimise exposure to formalin, control fixation of surgical specimens and thus enabling optimal diagnostic reporting. The innovative solutions, TissueSAFE and SealSAFE enable full chain-of-custody specimen tracking starting in theatres. It also allows fixation to be brought under the control of the histology laboratory, making it a real science for optimal diagnostic results. Menarini also presented the brand new systems for Frozen Tissue Management, PrestoCHILL, FlashFREEZE and PRESTO. They day finished with demonstrations of the equipment which is always a highlight of our seminars!

We would like to thank everyone who attended the seminar and all the positive feedback we received.

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