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About Us

Menarini Diagnostics has been established for thirty years and is within the top ten in-vitro diagnostics companies in Europe.   

Our parent company, Menarini Pharma is one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, with headquarters in Florence.  The company has a commitment to the fields of tumour diagnosis and cancer therapy.  We are engaged in primary research and drug development at our research facilities in Pomezia, near Rome.  Silicon Biosystems, part of the Menarini group, is developing new technologies for oncology diagnosis and prognosis through isolation and characterisation of individual tumour cells, both in the circulation (CTCs) and from fixed tissue samples.

The Menarini Diagnostics division is bringing to the market innovative technologies to increase the accuracy and speed of cancer diagnosis in the laboratory.  Our focus is on shortening the patient diagnostic pathway while increasing the information value of the results.

Menarini Diagnostics is able to offer the most comprehensive range of products within the field of Cellular Pathology.  The Total Tissue Diagnostics™ ranges starts at specimen handling within theatres and then runs all the way through to digitally assisted diagnosis.  The range comprises innovative equipment and instrumentation together with a state-of-the-art LIMS and tracking software solution.

Menarini UK is located on a technology park to the west of London.  We operate a local warehouse and excellent transport links allow us to offer a next day delivery service for the majority of our customer orders.  Our team of field based account managers, application specialists and service engineers are ready to provide support and assistance throughout the UK.   

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